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AdMonsters OPS, June 3-4, NYC Brings Publishers New Strategies

Join us for a panel on 'Simplifying operational inefficiencies: Developing a holistic Video Monetization & Content Strategy'.

The panel will be moderated by our very own Dvir Doron with panelists from leading media companies in North America .

If only a video strategy still meant buying and filling pre-roll inventory. Nope, it’s much more complicated these days: Publishers devising their video advertising monetization strategy are faced with the challenges of fragmented technologies and high content production & management costs. Advertisers, on the other hand, need to ensure their video ads and branded content are meeting relevant audiences wherever they view—and in a brand-safe environment. The tools and strategies are out there to meet these goals, but success might also mean a fair deal of partnering. 

June 4th, 11:30 am, Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC. 

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